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Rich Delaney, 23 February 2015: Download Ralph Nadar Questions Jeff Smisek

Members in ATL, BIL, IND, MCI, RDU, RNO, RSW, SAT, SJC, SMF, STL, and TUL voted today to accept/reject the modifications to their contracts and retain IAM represented work. Each station determined their own future and was not dependent on the votes of other stations to determine the outcome. A two thirds vote for ratification was required under our contract in order to make any change in wages, benefits, or working conditions.

In each station members strongly ratified their tentative agreement.

We thank all members in these stations for giving serious consideration to the tentative agreement and making their choice for the future. The participation level of members voting was outstanding and reflected the concern and involvement in every location in their self-determination. We especially appreciate the counsel and advice each station’s representatives provided throughout the negotiation and process. They were professional and compassionate in speaking on behalf of their fellow members and should be very proud of their work.

More information will follow regarding the next steps in this process but tonight we want to thank all our members and congratulate them on finding the right way to keep their co-workers at work and at home.



Rich Delaney, 22 February 2015: Download

Members in ATL, BIL, IND, MCI, RDU, RNO, RSW, SAT, SJC, SMF, STL, and TUL, employed by United Airlines, will vote Monday, February 23, 2015, to either ratify or reject the proposed amendments to our contract that impact their station but allow the continuation of work to be performed in-house by IAM represented employees. This vote is called for under the current United Airlines agreements covering Passenger Service Employees and Fleet Service Employees. Under the terms of our contracts ratification requires a two thirds acceptance rather than a simple majority of those members voting. This provision is intended to make sure that any change to wages, benefits, or work rules is found acceptable to a “super majority” of members that will be impacted by any change. It is hoped that all eligible members in good standing in the above stations will participate in this critical vote so that whatever the outcome of the vote is it accurately reflects the opinions and feelings of the majority of the station.

Results of the ratification will be posted as quickly as possible after stations have completed their voting procedure and are expected to be known no later than February 24th. Each stations determination will effect only that station and will not impact the decisions of any other voting station.

If accepted, the agreed modifications will become effective May 17, 2015. If rejected, members will have the seniority rights outlined in our contracts to move to another station, accept furlough and retain recall rights to their station/point, or sever their relationship with United through Enhanced Severance payment.

Once the results of the ratifications are known the contractual furlough process will begin. This procedure has many components to it and is expected to take several weeks to complete. Several issues have to be addressed before determining the extent of system options and the awarding of those options by seniority. Early Out options, Above the Wing/Below the Wing seniority options in some stations, and Point Seniority shakedowns need to be completed in order to get a true picture of the extent of a furlough and correctly identify the employees impacted. District 141 has begun working with United representatives to make sure these necessary steps are followed correctly.



Update, 19 February 2015: Download

Corporation, Business’s, or Companies – regardless on how you label them have changed in the last couple of decades. The majority of them no longer have a sense of community and only encourage employees to work like owners; compensation is just a future promise.  The term best sourcing and outsourcing come to the same conclusions.

The only Country on the planet that does not legislate at least one of these - paid sick time, paid maternity or paid vacation is the United States. The union density has dropped so low, 6.2% of the private sector work force, it can no longer help workers without union contracts. 

The six-page report is designed to give all members added talking points when communicating with your legislator. We encourage everyone to use your words on how you feel about the outsourcing when you write your legislator.  To write your legislators just enter your zip code on the left sided navigation. This is a fight for every one, thank you for taking the time to write your legislator.


Rich Delaney, 15 February 2015: Download

Spirit Negotiations

Spirit Ramp Service Agents returned their surveys to the IAM Grand Lodge during the months of December 2014 and January 2015. 

The following is a breakdown of the top negotiations concerns that Spirit Ramp Service Agents feel are necessary going forward to secure a successful contract with the company:


  1. General Wage Increases which include a structured format based upon years of service rather than performance based bonuses.
  2. Improved job security (scope language) – improved seniority language which encompasses layoff and recall rights, transfers, promotions, and shift preference.
  3. Limitations on outsourcing
  4. Paid vacations for PT Ramp Service Agents.
  5. Improved medical, dental, and life insurance benefits for PT.
  6. Increase in paid holidays.
  7. Sick time accruals and defined usage.

The Negotiations team will be at the District 141 IAM office the week of February 16th putting together proposals for the March meeting with the company.


Hawaiian Airlines

District 141 members covered by the Hawaiian Airlines – Clerical Agreement are receiving letters from CEO Dunkerley informing them that although they worked as hard, or harder, than every other Hawaiian employee they are not considered eligible to share in the profit distribution of 2015. By choosing which employees will be given payments and which employees will be denied payments, the company cannot truthfully call this money “shared” profit.The reason given is that contract negotiations have not been completed and therefore bonus payments are being withheld.

Hawaiian Airlines has maintained that since an amendable agreement was not fully in place at the beginning of 2014, members were never considered eligible for the Profit Sharing bonus payment. The company treats the bonus payment as a hostage in negotiations – withholding the payment unless the Union settles the contract within a set timeframe, instead of settling based on the issues and proposals members have indicated are important and necessary. Our Negotiating Team has focused on the members’ issues.

Negotiations have been ongoing for all of 2014. During that time the company has deflected and put off any meaningful discussions of the economic subjects that need to be addressed before an agreement can be reached. By their responses and reactions to our proposals they have prevented us from reaching the agreement our members are entitled to and have caused the delay in bonus payments.

This decision by Hawaiian is going to have a serious impact on our negotiations. It is not acceptable to the IAM and we will address it at each and every session of negotiations. Our members are entitled to proper compensation for the work they do on behalf of Hawaiian Airlines. Our Negotiating Team is committed to reaching a fair and progressive agreement with Hawaiian as soon as possible that recognizes the work our members have done, are doing, and will do in the coming years.


Rich Delaney, 13 February 2015: Download

The announcement of our tentative agreement with United Airlines regarding the status of planned contracting out of work identified the 12 stations that will retain the work , if modifications to our contracts are accepted by the members working in each station. The question, quite naturally, is what is the extent and scope of the proposed amendments?

In reaching each station agreement the goal was to close the distance between our current contract and the bids vendors had submitted to United by minimally changing existing provisions in our Agreement. In order to do that, we used our previously negotiated amended agreements covering the Hawaiian Island stations as a guideline. That agreement limited adjustments to reasonable wage reductions, schedule flexibility, and the suspension of company matching contributions to individuals’ 401(k) savings accounts. No other aspects of our contract were modified.

As we discussed each station it became apparent that the bids vendors were submitting were based on what they believed was the wage and benefit level they could get people to work for in a specific location. In other words, no two bids were the same. In many cases the vendors’ bids were so different that no reasonable adjustment to our compensation was realistic. In 12 stations the differential could be addressed in a more manageable way.

What we have agreed to is the following. Wage rates will be reduced by $2.00 per hour for the top base rate. Progression rates will be adjusted by a similar percentage reduction. The company contribution to 401(k) plans will be suspended. The station may institute flexible shift scheduling (split shifts, for example). That is the extent of our agreement.

How could 12 stations that had different cost targets end up with the same standardized modifications? The cost targets by themselves were not reached in each station. In most cases we argued that other factors needed to be considered, not just financial expense. The station representatives that attended the negotiation sessions were able to explain the uniqueness of their station and the importance of having United employees’ work on behalf of the company in that station. Issues such as concentration of high end valuable customers, the value the station provides to the overall operation during irregular ops, the impact United employees have on their community, and other things that don’t come with a price tag on them. While we believe these examples apply to every station, they became most compelling in stations in which the financial component was narrowly different.

The exact language of all changes proposed for each station will be presented and explained to those members prior to conducting the station ratification vote. The results of that vote will affect that station only. Stations that ratify their changes will see them go into effect on May 17, 2015. Stations that reject their changes will have full seniority rights and protections as called for under our current contract.


Rich Delaney, 12 February 2015: Download

As a result of weeks of negotiation and discussion between District 141 and United Airlines regarding the possible contracting out of ground handling work in 28 line stations, tentative agreements have been reached that will keep IAM represented employees in 12 of those stations. With the help and input of representatives from each station, reasonable adjustments to the existing contract are proposed that will keep IAM members in the following locations:       

All inclusive (Above and Below the Wing): Above the Wing only:

Details of the contract modifications will be released later today.

These tentative agreements will be voted on in each affected station by IAM members impacted by the modifications. The date of voting will be determined shortly and notification will be given to each station.

The negotiations leading up to these tentative agreements could not have been successfully completed without the involvement and input from the station representatives. Their ability to speak on behalf of their co-workers and describe real life examples of the work that is performed on a daily basis that does not show up in a financial statement but adds value and quality to United Airlines’ product was critical in reaching decisions in these 12 cities.  It is truly unfortunate that the gap between vendors proposals and United’s contractual costs could not be bridged in all stations.

More detailed information will be made available as quickly as possible and shared with District 141 members.


Rich Delaney, 07 February 2015: Download

United Airlines:

Discussions between District 141 and United Airlines over the status of the 28 stations the company is considering contracting out continued throughout this past week.  We are talking about each station in several ways; both financially and operationally. Both sides recognize that providing the cheapest service doesn’t help the airline’s operation or reputation and certainly doesn’t acknowledge the hard work our members have consistently given that has made United as profitable as it has been. As we have repeatedly stated, we understand the desire of so many to just have an answer regarding the future of their station but we will not stop short of exhausting every possibility to keep IAM members working in their home stations before asking them to make decisions about relocation. Although United had set a target date for completion of negotiations they have agreed to continue talking with us and looking for options to the decision to contract out work and jobs. Currently, United is in the final stages of reviewing, costing out, and responding to our latest proposals. We will meet with United early next week to complete these talks. If we are successful in keeping work within United Airlines by tentatively agreeing to adjustments to our contracts we will move quickly to explain any proposed change to the members in impacted stations and conduct a ratification vote among those members.

US Airways:

District 141 representatives will meet with American Airlines management next week to continue discussions regarding the displacement package that needs to be agreed to and offered to members in our Central Load Planning work group that will be required to move from PIT to DFW due to the Company’s decision to relocate all CLP work to the new IOC facility currently under construction. Other impacted work groups have already established their relocation allowances. Complicating the discussions regarding CLP work and its future is the delay by the National Mediation Board in publishing a determination regarding the Single Carrier Status request made by the IAM/TWU Alliance. Part of the NMB’s decision will be determining whether CLP and other groups will be included in the representation decision or will the Company’s request to separate them from the larger Fleet Service classification. We have agreed to try to reach the relocation package prior to the NMB’s decision, since it is unknown when the decision will be made.

Some legacy US Airways members have been notified of a cyber attack on Anthem, Inc.’s data storage. The computer hackers gained illegal access to the healthcare company’s records that included names, addresses, Social Security numbers, employment information, and date of birth of members. It is believed that no personal financial information was accessed. American Airlines and Anthem are working with federal law enforcement to determine how the hackers accessed the information and how to protect it in the future.

Affected members will be enrolled in identity repair services and provided information on enrollment in free credit monitoring service. Members are encouraged to access the Anthem website that has been set up to address members’ concerns at www.anthemfacts.com or contact them through the established hotline at 1-877-263-7995.

District 141 will continue to work with American to insure our members’ information is protected and they do not suffer any negative impact as a result of this cyber attack or any future attack.


Rich Delaney, 02 February 2015:

Individual station negotiations for the 28 potential contracting out locations was completed late last week. These discussions identified the cost differences between contracting out work to outside vendors or keeping the work within United Airlines and avoid or reduce the need to displace IAM members.

These discussions completed the first step in the process. Now IAM representatives and United Airlines management will meet to determine if any work or station can remain –  if reasonable changes are made to the current contract can be agreed to. Both sides must tentatively agree to any adjustments to wages, benefits, or work rules. If an agreement is reached then the employees/members of the specific station in question will be asked to vote to either ratify or reject the changes. Each station is discussed separately and each station decision will be made based on the factual information pertaining to that station. The reason for this is that each station has a different cost challenge due to factors such as contractors competing bids, seniority or the station (which impacts wages and other compensation such as longevity pay and vacation accrual), and size of the operation.

The required meetings will be held this week and it is expected that the status of each of the 28 stations will be known by the end of the week. United Airlines had stated when they first announced their intention to contract out work that they wanted a full resolution to this issue by the end of January. As we have repeatedly said, we will reach the end when we are sure we have exhausted all means and arguments that would keep work inhouse.

We will work has quickly as possible so that our affected members do not wait in limbo too long to find out the future of their station. But we will not stop short in negotiations in order to meet an arbitrary timeline set by the Company

Negotiations also continued last week at Hawaiian Airlines. While some progress was made on the few remaining non-economic issues, discussions of wages, benefits, and pension were limited. A scheduling conflict within the National Mediation Board prevented the assigned mediator from attending last week’s sessions. The mediator is expected to attend the scheduled February negotiations.

Rich Delaney, 29 January 2015: Download

While both the IAM and TWU await a determination for the National Mediation Board regarding our petition allowing our Alliance to bargain on behalf of all Union members working as American Airlines Fleet Service, progress is being made to ensure the Alliance is ready to represent everyone immediately.

The function of the Alliance is to negotiate a collectively bargained agreement that addresses the needs and desires of our members. In order to make sure that happens it is important to listen to, and understand, our members concerns for a new contract. This is done by soliciting ideas and opinions from our members in the form of proposals.

In order to facilitate members' ability to propose improvements for a jointly negotiated agreement it is important to see what each current agreement contains. The current agreement with US Airways has been posted and published in its entirety since ratification. We have now posted the current American Airlines/TWU Agreement on this site. In the future, we will post a contract survey designed to give members the opportunity to prioritize areas of our contract they want to have discussed and amended in the joint agreement.

Members are encouraged to participate in submitting proposals immediately. We will collect these proposals and, when appropriate, will forward them to the anticipated screening committee that will have members from both Unions for review. The screening committee will then provide the negotiating team with the final list of proposals that will be presented to the Company when formal negotiations begin.

United Airlines Juniority List

An updated Juniority List for Customer Service and for Ramp Service can be found on Skynet at: Departments - Human Relations - Labor Relations, move down for link to excel list.

Or: Click the link here. Sign onto Skynet is required.

Stutz Scholarship 2015:

District 141 envisions a future in which work and all people who work are valued, respected and rewarded. Education is a part of the journey towards that future.

In 2015, District 141 will once again sponsor the Adolph Stutz Memorial Scholarship, rewarding District 141 Members or family eligibles with an annual cash prize of $2000 for first place, and second place prizes of $1000 each.

The subject of the 2015 essay competition: “How can we address the growing problem of wealth inequality in America?”

The Essay Competition will be open Feb. 1, 2015, and will end at midnight, July 1, 2015. Winners will be announced by Aug. 1, 2015. Applications and rules can be found at http://www.iam141.org/scholar/index.html

  United explains why $2Billion is not enough

Rich Delaney, 25 January 2015: Download

Negotiations on behalf of District 141 members working in the 28 stations United Airlines is contemplating contracting out, began this past week. 17 stations had separate discussions specific to their situation – the current cost of operation, the possible savings to the company if contracted out, and possible options for station members to consider or suggest to keep the station open were talked about. These three basic components of this negotiation process are different for each station; affected by several things such as size of the station operation, the number and seniority of employees in each location, the contractors bid being considered, and any unique aspect of the station. Each station was represented by at least one representative directly from the station, with the exception of one, in which the representative was the victim of irregular ops and could not fly in to ORD that day but requested talks continue. The representatives looked at different portions of our contract and made hypothetical adjustments to them to see the effect each would have on changing the cost of operation. No final determination was made during these negotiations. Stations that appear to be able to make reasonable and fair adjustments to compensation and work rule that would reduce the desire of United to contract out work will have another review before determinations are made by the company. Initial discussions for the remaining 11 stations will be held this coming week. At the conclusion of those talks the second review will be held. United has indicated they would like to complete this whole process by the end of January in order to inform employees and sign contracts with those vendors ultimately involved in whatever stations are contracted out. The IAM would also like to let members know as quickly as possible what is happening to their stations but we are not concerned with how quickly a vendor is notified. When we believe every possibility has been exhausted and every suggestion has been examined that is when decisions will be made.

A few weeks ago we reminded members that United purges system bids the first week of January each year and members needed to resubmit system transfer bids if they were still interested in moving/working in other stations. These bids are used to fill vacancies in current stations in a timely manner, without the requirement of posting vacancies that would delay the filling of the needed manpower. Only locations that intend to staff with IAM members for the first time are required to post vacancies. All members should review their current bids, if any, and make sure that their bids are correct and list the stations they are interested in working in.

United declared an approximate $2 billion profit for 2014. That is just about double their profit of 2013. IAM members can expect roughly double the amount of Profit Sharing this year compared to last year as a result. That payment will be made on February 13, 2015. If members wish to defer some or all of the lump sum payment into their 401(k) plan they must elect to do that by January 26th.

United’s announcement of profit should be reason to celebrate for all employees. Emerging from the shadows of bankruptcy, and the pain that inflicted on both Continental and United employees, into the light of profitability for all is a great accomplishment. The days of forced concessions and job loss should be behind us. But even on the day United announced such good news they dampened it by claiming $2 billion is not enough. The new problem facing United employees is that the corporation does not make as much profit as the Delta Airlines corporation. According to United’s press releases actual profit is not as important as relative profit and therefore cost cutting decisions affecting employees and IAM members will continue to be made. Since Delta employees, doing the same work we do, earn less, have fewer benefits, have no defined employment security, and no pension it makes you wonder what is the benefit of working for the most profitable airline. We can all agree that having a sustainable, profitable company to work for is a good thing and you should be proud of the contributions you make every day to make that happen – currently exceeding the Company goals for on time departure and customer satisfaction are examples of your good work.  We should take this time to congratulate ourselves and each other for this success, cash the profit sharing check and reward our families, and keep working to make sure it happens again; not look for bogeymen.


Spirit Negotiations

Spirit negotiations took place at Corporate Headquarters, January 13-14. At least 5 proposals were passed to the Company from the Negotiations Team.

The Company exhibited a willingness to work with the IAM in making progress to establishing a collective bargaining agreement (CBA) for the Ramp Service Agents.

Although the process is in its beginning stages the Negotiations Team felt that a positive position has been established with the Company.

The Negotiations Team will be meeting at the District 141 Offices in ORD during February to work on more proposals to submit to the Company. The next scheduled negotiations session will be in March at Corporate Headquarters.

Rich Delaney, 21 January 2015: Download

Representatives of 28 stations being considered for contracting out met with United management representatives this past week to start the contractually mandated negotiations looking for alternatives to the Company's plan.

An explanation of the process and a determination of scheduled meetings for each separate station were given. Station representatives were given the opportunity to question senior management about this plan and why it was being made. The answers were both straightforward and disturbing. Management was very clear that their desire to take work away from their own employees and pay someone else to do it was strictly a financial decision intended to increase the profit of their already profitable corporation. That was the straightforward answer. The disturbing answer was that in making their financial calculations United did not value the quality of service customers are given by United employees.

Monday, January 19th, began the specific station review and negotiations. Reps will be given information regarding what contractors are willing to work for and look at ways that some contract provisions may be amended to reduce the difference between what our contract requires in areas of wages, benefits, work rules, and other cost factors and what a vendor will cost. Each station has different targets since contractors bids vary in each station.

In answering a question regarding the recent poor performance of the new outside contractor that replaced the old outside contractor in DEN, management noted that Simplicity had trouble-hiring people for the jobs since other "living wage" jobs were available in other industries in the area. That points out that each station will be dealing with different comparisons since vendors bids are based on what they believe are the lowest wage and benefits people are willing to work for in order to take someone else's job away from them and that is different from station to station.

United has created a department called "Market Competitive Sourcing" to find contractors willing to bid on United work. Apparently, the "How Low Will You Go" department didn't sound as clever. George Orwell would be jealous to see how United has manipulated language to the level that winning this "competition" actually means being the lowest paying instead of the highest.

United agreed this week to a committed date to insource work negotiated in our current contract. The Company also agreed to increase their commitment to insourcing work and added work that had been discussed before - Above the Wing work in SAN, PDX, and PIT, and Below the Wing work in PIT. Members in stations across the system have been waiting for these committed stations to expand and provide opportunities for transfer. District 141 is meeting with United over this issue; we see this as a different negotiation subject than outsourcing.

The partial insourcing of work in DEN is the most recent example of District 141's push for more work. While our goal is to have all ground handling work brought under our contract, we have told United we are interested in any work that would make IAM jobs more secure in a station. The DEN experience is a good example of this approach. While United shifts work between vendors some critical operational work has been assigned to IAM members. This partial approach to insourcing is not perfect but in DEN's case it has caused the recent recall of 40 Full Time RSM. We have told United we intend to aggressively look at other opportunities in all stations to bring work and job security to our members. We believe having United's work done by United's employees makes the most sense, improves the operation, and protects our members. A lot of credit for the increased work in DEN goes to the local Committee and local Management for working together and finding answers that help their station.

Rich Delaney, 14 January 2015: Download

In response to United Airlines’ notification to District 141 of their consideration to contract out, the IAM immediately called for a meeting and the beginning of the negotiation process outlined in Article 2 of our contracts.
Representatives of District 141 and United met yesterday, January 13, 2015 to address the Company’s decision. As a result of that meeting 3 key agreements were reached:

  1. A meeting among all 28 at risk station representatives was immediately scheduled and is being held today, January 14th in Chicago. The purpose of the meeting is to hold initial discussions over the Company’s business plan and to schedule individual station negotiation sessions to begin as quickly as possible to look for alternatives to the Company intent to contract out work. Those meetings should begin next week.
  2. Push United to commit to a specific timeframe to bring in the ground handling work called for under Letter of Agreement #6. As a result of yesterday’s meeting United has now committed to insource all committed work Below the Wing in DCA, LAS, MCO, PDX, SAN, SEA, TPA and HNL. In addition, United has now agreed to insource Above the Wing work in SAN and PDX and work in both classifications in PIT. The date for all insource work to be brought under IAM contracts is June 1, 2015.
  3. United and District 141 have agreed to enter negotiations under the provisions of Letter of Agreement #1 allowing for continuous bargaining on several issues related to job security including Full Time commitments, filling of vacancies, and seniority rights; in addition to other seniority issues involving vacation bidding and premium position selection. These negotiation sessions will begin in mid-February.

The need for these meetings is the result of United’s determination to stick with a plan of operation that was developed when the airline suffered from runaway fuel costs and limited profits. It has not changed even though the industry has stabilized, fuel is under control, and profitability is at historical highs. The issue now is that regardless of the billions of dollars United has earned they look at Delta and American and want to make more.
We will use every provision of our contracts to its fullest to protect our membership and work towards reversing the Company’s intent to contract out work in each station or reducing the impact United’s decision may have on individual members and their families.

Rich Delaney, 10 January 2015: Download

Several months ago, United Airlines informed District 141 that they had asked outside contractors to submit proposals to perform ground handling work in several line stations in which IAM represented employees currently perform work. The stations were not identified but United indicated it was quite an extensive list of stations that fell outside the Tier 1 and Tier II stations named in our Agreement.

In station briefings, discussions, and rumors indicate that United is preparing to move to the next step of the process and identify stations being considered for contracting out. In response, District 141 is preparing for the next step also. District representatives met this past week to plan our reaction to whatever announcement United may make at whatever time they choose to make it.

Under the provisions of Article 2 of the Passenger Service, Fleet Service, and Storekeepers Agreements, United must notify the IAM before any implementation and enter into negotiations with us over the possible contracting out of work. Included in that negotiations process is the need for the Company to provide all information regarding the contractors bid, on an individual stations basis, and allow the IAM to review and possibly propose alternatives to the acceptance of a contractors bid. This contract language was exercised last Spring when United determined to contract out 15 stations and led to the modification of the Agreement and the continued employment protection in 3 of those stations.

Whenever we receive the notification from United we intend to act immediately to start this review and negotiation process. As called for under Article 2, representatives of District 141 will meet with United to review any proposal from a contractor that United is considering accepting. In addition, we will identify and bring together representatives from any identified station, along with their assigned Assistant General Chairman, to begin the discussion and negotiation of possible alternatives to contracting out of work. This group will also meet with United representatives as quickly as possible to begin the direct talks necessary. Article 2 requires any proposed change to the terms of our existing contract that may affect members in a specific station must be reviewed and ratified by the members of that station by a two thirds majority vote in order to be implemented.

It is critical for all members to understand any announcement by United regarding their interest in contracting out work starts the process and is not a final determination of the status of any station. United is obligated by our contracts to meet with the IAM and engage in good faith bargaining over the issue of contracting out before they take any steps to transfer work to outside contractors.

The timetable for these events is completely within the control of United Airlines and will not begin until we are officially notified of the Company’s intent. But we are preparing today for it so we can aggressively and quickly act on behalf of members whether the notification comes within days, weeks, or months from now.

Rich Delaney, 10 January 2015:

Members of District Lodge 141, employed as United Airlines Security Officers, ratified their amended Agreement effective November 21, 2014. Letter of Agreement #2, of that Agreement, calls for the distribution of retroactive/signing bonus monies. The initial distribution has been successfully completed.

A provision of LOA #2 allowed for the “holdback” of a small percentage of the committed $500,000.00 in order to make any necessary adjustments to individual’s owed payments. Once all corrections are addressed, the remaining money is to be distributed among all eligible Officers. While we are confident that the first payment was correct, we have given time for all Officers to have their concern the distribution addressed. It is now time to distribute all remaining cash in the form of “look back” payments.

In order to provide all Officers the fullest consideration for their individual payment, and to then promptly finalize the look back payment, District 141 has set February 15, 2015, as the final day for any challenge by an eligible Officer. Questions, concerns, or appeals regarding the Signing Bonus payment, received after February 15, 2015 will not be considered timely and will not be investigated.

Rich Delaney, 08 January 2015:

Members of District 141, employed by United Airlines in the Fleet Service, Public Contact, and Storekeeper classifications are reminded of the need to review and update any previously submitted system transfer requests.

United purges all transfer requests on file on January 5th every year. The only exception to this removal would be bids submitted during the month of December the previous year.

Members desiring to be considered to fill possible future vacancies in other stations are reminded to resubmit their bids promptly.


05 January 2015:

Many Local Lodges have completed their Election Cycle. As new and/or returning Officers, Committee People and Shop Stewards begin the New Year, we review resources at www.iam141.org.

Union Education - Making work, work for you

Local Lodge Officers: Roles and responsibilities are outlined in the IAMAW Constitution, District Bylaws and your Local Lodge Bylaws.

Committee and Shop Stewards: Talking to members, writing grievances, listening to members and being with them when they need you most, all take practice. Even if you have been a Shop Steward for many years, it's always helpful to review the basics and also to share them with the membership.

Education | Shop Steward Basics | Shop Steward FAQ | Your Rights as a Steward

Having your contract close by helps too. Download your contract to your phone, table, or computer:

Hawaiian Airlines | Philippine Airlines | United Airlines | US Airways

EAP January Helping Hands:

EAP Helping Hands

This month we focus on how to make effective resolutions, (or change) in the new year. There are some tips on how to maintain your resolve to change and how to be realistic with your expectations, and therefore be able to reach goals that you have set. This issue also addresses Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD). SAD is a common depressive disorder experienced in North America and other northern latitudes, due to the lack of sunshine during the winter. Signs and symptoms are included.


Rich Delaney, 25 December 2014: Download

District 141 members employed by the new American Airlines received good news this week from CEO Doug Parker. Mr. Parker announced American’s commitment to all its employees to pay industry leading wages. This commitment is based on work groups negotiating new joint agreements that bring together the legacy carriers workers under single contracts. Those groups that already have joint agreements, such as the Flight Attendants, will receive an immediate increase of 4% in addition to the recently negotiated wage increase. This will place the AA F/A’s approximately 7% higher than United Airlines Flight Attendants. What this means for District 141 members is that joint negotiations with our Alliance partners of the TWU need to begin as quickly as possible after the National Mediation Board issues their decision regarding our petition for Single Carrier Status and granting the Alliance bargaining rights for the entire classification. The IAM is prepared to begin these talks and have called on the NMB to issue their answer promptly so our members, and the membership of the TWU, can receive the full benefit of a joint agreement, including but not limited to, industry leading wage rates. Until a joint agreement is reached District 141 members will continue to receive the committed wage increases, job security, and benefit protection called for in the recently ratified contract for US Airways Fleet Service employees.

District 141 members on United Airlines will begin receiving the contractually required 2015 wage increase next week. Now that the company has harmonized the pay periods for IAM represented employees, the pay period beginning Sunday, December 28, 2014 will begin the new rates of pay. For members at the top rate of their progressions that will mean a $.60 per hour increase. That increase will make the base rate of pay for most classifications $24.60; additional individual differentials such as Lead, shift, and longevity premiums are added to that amount to fully compensate each member. In addition to the hourly rate increase, the company contribution to members’ pension plan will also increase to $1.60 per hour which will increase the monthly benefit for 2015 to $70.09.
Discussions between District 14 and United regarding implementation issues and grievance issues continued this past week. Vacation bidding, full time employment commitments, penalty payments, and seniority rights were discussed by 3 different committees. Resolution on these issues, using both the Grievance Procedure and the Continuous Bargaining provision of the current contracts, is expected in very early 2015.

The initial contract covering Central Load Planning was signed this week after members voted overwhelmingly to accept it last week. The improvements in wage rates and the payment of Signing Bonus checks is already in progress and members will receive these increases promptly. Our recent experience with United’s improved ability to implement wage increases and deliver retroactive/signing bonus payments when paying members covered under the recently ratified Maintenance Instructors, Fleet Technical Instructors, and Security Officers’ agreements show that the delays of the past have been corrected and members are being paid timely and correctly.

Negotiations between District 141 and Hawaiian Airlines continued last week with progress being made on issues relating to vacations and job security. Talks will resume in January with the assistance of the National Mediation Board. Our Negotiating Team is committed to reaching a fair and progressive agreement with Hawaiian that addresses the concerns of our members in a timely manner and expect that the involvement of the NMB will help in that process.

The announcement by Doug Parker, our current experiences on United, and the progress being made at Hawaiian all point to the importance of having a collective bargaining agreement with our airlines. Our contracts are what separate us from other carriers and vendors. It is in all our interests that these non-union employee groups see the benefits of guaranteed wages and benefits that only a contract can provide. Currently, the IAM is assisting Flight Attendants at Delta Airlines in their fight for union representation. The interest shown by Delta workers is leading to the day when the IAM officially requests representation rights for all Delta Flight Attendants. If, and when, that happens all union members and concerned airline employees should commit to doing what they can to help the Delta employees finally take their seat at the bargaining table. It is in their best interest and all of ours.

On behalf of all the Officers and Staff of District Lodge 141 we thank you for your continued support and wish you and your family a safe, joyous, and peaceful Holiday.


Rich Delaney, 19 December 2014

United Airlines Central Load Planners, represented by District Lodge 141, ratified their recently announced Tentative Agreement.

Central Load Planners

The new agreement, which includes wage increases, benefit improvements, new job security language, and signing bonus payment, was overwhelmingly supported by the classification. Nearly 100% of eligible members participated in the voting process.

We thank the members of the Central Load Planners Negotiating Team for their hard work and dedication to achieving a fair and progressive contract for their co-workers.

With this ratified agreement District Lodge 141 has now brought nearly 27,000 employees into 7 new contracts since the merger between Continental and United Airlines. Negotiations continue for the remaining Food Service agreement.


Rich Delaney, 20 November 2014: Download

United Airlines Security Officers, represented by District Lodge 141, ratified their recently announced Tentative Agreement.

Security Officers

The new agreement, which includes wage increases, benefit improvements, and retroactive/signing bonus lump sum payment, was overwhelmingly supported by the classification. The participation level of the Security Officers was the largest of any IAM group with nearly 100% of eligible members voting.

We thank the members of the Security Officers Negotiating Team for their hard work and dedication to achieving a fair and progressive contract for their co-workers. We will work with United Airlines to implement the new provisions of the Agreement without delay so our members may see the full benefit of this mutually agreed to contract.

With this ratified agreement District Lodge 141 has now brought approximately 27,000 United Airlines employees into new contracts since the merger with Continental. Negotiations for the remaining 2 amendable agreements continue.

SPIRIT NEGOTIATIONS UPDATE, 20 November, 2014: Download

twu and iam logos

Members of District 141 and the Grand Lodge met with Spirit Management on Tuesday, November 18, 2014 to begin preliminary talks on securing a First Contract for the Ramp Service Agents who work in ACY, DTW, FLL, and MYR.

District 141 AGCs Mike Maiorino and Tony Gibson along with Grand Lodge Rep Joe Stassi discussed setting a schedule for January, February, and March 2015. Also discussed was the receipt of information vital to putting together a comprehensive package that includes wages, insurance, sick and holiday pay, and vacation pay to name a few key elements.

At the January 2015 session, Ramp Service Agents who represent the workgroup will be present to assist in the process. Surveys are being distributed in the four cities, and it is very important to complete a survey in order to address issues in the next negotiations session.

Enjoy a safe Thanksgiving holiday and expect an update in mid-December. 


19 November 2014: Download

IAM Continues American Airlines Joint Contract Preparations

twu and iam logos

IAM District Lodge 141 and 142 Negotiations Committee members, District Lodge 141 and 142 leadership and Transportation Department officials met yesterday in Charlotte, NC to continue preparations for joint contract negotiations for Mechanic and Related, Fleet Service and Stores workers at American Airlines.

TWU-IAM Association bargaining strategies and priorities were discussed and previous seniority committee meetings were reviewed.

“Yesterday’s meetings were very productive and the business of the Association is moving along,” said IAM District 141 and 142 Presidents Rich Delaney and Dave Supplee. “We eagerly await a single carrier determination so the representation process is triggered.”

The National Mediation Board (NMB) has yet to rule on the TWU-IAM Association’s request for a single carrier determination. Although there is no specific timetable for the NMB to issue a determination, a ruling is expected soon.

“Getting to the table and achieving the industry’s best contracts for Mechanic and Related, Fleet Service and Stores workers at American Airlines is our single priority,” continued Delaney and Supplee. “We look forward to the TWU-appointed negotiators joining the process.”

The TWU-IAM Association represents more than 30,000 Mechanic and Related, Fleet Service and Stores workers at American Airlines and is the largest union at the carrier.


Hawaiian Airlines Negotiation Update, 18 November 2014:

twu and iam logos

Hawaiian Airlines and the IAM continue to make significant progress on language issues. The Company also presented Financial Information as we move forward into economic issues. The next topics will be the most difficult and National Mediation Board, Senior Mediator, Patricia Simms will be rejoining negotiations in January to help facilitate. The next negotiations are set for the week of December 15-19.


United Airlines, 18 November 2014:

twu and iam logos

District 141 represented Fleet Technical Instructors and Related/Ground School Instructors have ratified the agreement reached between United Airlines and the IAM on their behalf.

The voting participation was the highest of any group during the recent ratification votes held for separate classifications at United Airlines and the agreement was endorsed by approximately 60% of those voting.

We thank the members of the Negotiating Team for their dedication and focus in reaching this agreement that provides improved wages, benefits, and security for the combined work groups of legacy United and legacy Continental Instructors and Related employees.

IAM Honors Veterans, Introduces New Veterans Services Program

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This Veterans Day in the U.S. and Remembrance Day in Canada, Tuesday, November 11, 2014, the IAM honors our members in the armed forces who are serving and have served our nations.

“Thousands of IAM members have proudly served their country. And many fight on two battlefields – the ongoing fight here at home for fairness and respect on the job and the many fights abroad to ensure peace and freedom for people around the world,” said IAM International President Tom Buffenbarger. “They are our heroes for many reasons. And we thank them for their courage, dedication and willingness to be on the frontlines for our countries and our members.”

In recognition of the honorary holiday, the IAM Retirees, Community and Membership Services Department has announced the IAM Veterans Services Program, which features an online information portal dedicated solely to IAM military veterans in the U.S. and Canada.

“As a union, the IAM recognizes the unique situation and needs of our members who have dedicated their lives to their country,” said 20-year Army veteran and IAM Retirees, Community and Membership Services Director Carlos San Miguel. “We believe it is our duty to help and be of service to those members in any way we can. There is an abundance of public and private programs and services open to military veterans; the problem is very few veterans know what’s available and where to go. The IAM Veterans Services Program seeks to bridge the informational gap between our members and the programs and services they fought for.”

The webpage provides information from various public and private military assistance agencies and organizations such as the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs, Veterans of Foreign Wars, the American Legion and the Veterans Affairs Canada. Members can find information on many topics, including government programs, benefits, health information and assistance with filing claims.

The information is open to IAM members from all branches of the U.S. and Canadian militaries, including the National Guard and Reserves.

Part of the IAM Veterans Services Program will also include a weeklong planning session at the William W. Winpisinger Center from March 29 – April 3, 2015, where representatives from each IAM Territory and all branches of service will convene to begin crafting coursework and various IAM programs to help meet members’ needs.

“As the nation prepares for a day of remembrance and celebration of the men and women who risk their lives in service to our country, the IAM stands committed to continuing to explore more ways to serve those among us who have sacrificed so others may live freely,” said IAM General Vice President Diane Babineaux.

IAM military veterans are encouraged to sign up to receive more information about the union’s veteran program. Please note that the sign-up form is voluntary.


06 November 2014: Download

TWU–IAM Association Update

twu and iam logos

IAM representatives of the Joint Seniority Integration Committee met last week in Dallas, TX to discuss and examine issues related to seniority list integration. The IAM also named their respective joint contract negotiating committees comprised of members from Districts 141 and 142 (see below).

The TWU–IAM Associations were formed in May, 2013 after the merger of American Airlines and US Airways and is the largest union at the new American Airlines. The IAM and TWU both determined that joining forces would bring the best unity and strength to secure the joint contracts that Association represented members rightfully deserve.

While there are three separate and distinct Associations for negotiations and representation purposes (Mechanic & Related, Fleet Service and Stores), our combined strength will bring us the best contracts at the bargaining tables.

“We are excited about moving the Associations forward, so 30,000 ground workers at the new American can attain the industry’s best contracts at the World’s largest carrier,” said IAM District 141 and 142 Presidents Rich Delaney and Dave Supplee in a joint statement. “The new American just reported record third quarter profits. Now is the time to be prepared and get to the table.”

List of IAM US negotiations team
Mechanic & Related/Stores Fleet
Sean Ryan Mike Fairbanks
John Coveny Pat Rezler
Bennie Martino Bill Wilson
Mark Strength Steve Miller
Mark Huffman Rodney Walker
Ken Coley Mark Baskett

The TWU will separately name members from TWU to the joint negotiating committee. We look forward to joining forces.


Spirit Negotiation Update: download

twu and iam logos

The Spirit Negotiations Committee met at the IAM Winpisinger Education & Technology Center November 3-6, 2014. The four day training session addressed first contract, proposal writing, Railway Labor Act, and other aspects of being part of a Union. Angelo Grant (FLL), Daniel Krampert (ACY), Robert Nichols (DTW), and Xavier Belen (FLL) have been selected to represent the Fleet workgroup during the Negotiations process. Assisting are Grand Lodge Transportation Coordinator Ira Levy, Grand Lodge Special Rep. Joe Stassi and District Lodge 141 (AGC) Assistant General Chairmen Tony Gibson and Mike Maiorino. IAM Spirit Negotiations Representatives will be passing out surveys soon to help assist in focusing on matters deemed necessary to secure a first contract. The IAM has been in contact with Spirit and waiting confirmation on a date to begin negotiations.




November 3, 2014

security officers

Members of the District Lodge 141 Negotiating Team, on behalf of the represented United Airlines Security Officers, have reached a tentative agreement with Company representatives. With the assistance of representatives of the IAM Transportation Department, the Negotiating Team reached an agreement that improves wages, longevity, Lead’s pay, and work rules. In addition, this tentative agreement includes a Retroactive/Signing Bonus payment for all Security Officers.

We thank the Negotiating Team for their hard work in reaching this new contract. Their ability to address the issues that are important to our members and work with United management has lead to this industry leading agreement.

This agreement, if ratified by a majority of Security Officers, is the latest in a series of agreements District 141 has reached with United and means that only two contracts remain to be fully negotiated. This could not be accomplished without the work of both negotiating teams and the support of our members.

Information regarding the specifics of the agreement and a schedule for ratification voting will be shared with Security Officers as promptly as possible and will be posted on the District Lodge 141 website.

We again thank all involved for their dedication to finding mutual agreement.


Fleet Technical Instructors and Related

District 141 and United Airlines have reached a Tentative Agreement on behalf of the Fleet Technical Instructors and Related. The 2014 -2018 FTI and Related tentative agreement is available here. An individual copy will also be sent to your United e-mail.


Informational meetings are scheduled as follows:

Negotiating committee representatives will be available to discuss the agreement, and, the vote will be administered during the hours shown on the date listed for each location.

The Signing Bonus value for each employee eligible will be available beginning November 4, 2014. Text only, name and file number to: (224) 387-6228

Sharing information

Local Lodges have meetings every month to discuss the business of the Union. The District has members spread across the Continental United States, Alaska, Hawaii, Guam and Puerto Rico, meeting monthly is not an option. Therefore, The District has a meeting once a year, at the Annual Convention, as per the terms in the District Bylaws. Local Lodges elect members from their Local to help decide the direction of the District. Plus, we have speakers and presentations that share information on the issues facing our Members today.

As Delegates return to their stations and Locals to share information they received, the Industry Report and the Speech from Senator Bernie Sanders are posted at iam141.org. The material, reports and studies used in the Industry Report are all posted for your review under the "Data" navigation on the left, or click here. If you have any questions or would like to become further involved, please contact your Delegate, AGC, or email the District at info@iam141.org

IAMAW DL141 - Industry Review: Influences on the Airline Industry and the U.S. Worker from DL 141


Opinion Section on UAL Outsourcing: Too easy?

United Airlines has earned billions in the first three quarters. United is committed to a business strategy of internalizing profits and socializing cost. UAL is willing to use your Federal, State and City Taxes to subsidize replacement workers salaries and benefits in small cities.

If you work in a small station and UAL out sourced you – it was only to create larger profits. If you traveled to one of those cities to train their replacements, you not only walked on coworkers economic gravesite but you also empowered UAL to continue this behavior in other cities, maybe even the city you work in.

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IAMAW Letter in response to TWU

October 24, 2014

Click Here to read The IAMAW's response to TWU's October 10 letter covering the TWU-IAM Alliance Association. You will see that the Association business will proceed and that all parties are welcome and encouraged to participate. Despite any bumps in the road, we will continue to come together to build the strongest negotiating force in our industry that produces the best contracts for our members.

Ebola Update:

October 28, 2014

Joint Air Transport Safety Committee

Concerns centered on Ebola are very much on our minds, especially as we work with the traveling public and provide cleaning and maintenance on our aircraft. Members of the IAM Joint Air Transport Safety Committee have been very involved in these issues that concern the varied jobs that our members perform, both in the air and on the ground.

To read the complete update, Click Here:

Initial Safety Steps:

As this crisis continues to unfold we will likely learn more about this deadly virus and how to effectively protect ourselves, but there are some basic precautions that you should take:

Your employer has probably provided bulletins and other alerts concerning the Ebola outbreak. The CDC (Center for Disease Control), OSHA (Occupational Safety and Health Administration) and WHO (World Health Organization) all have a lot of current info on the Ebola virus as well.

Take a few moments to review:

Here are a couple of publications that you might find helpful:

Please continue to reach out to your District Ground or Flight Safety Committee or the JATSC if you have questions.


IAM and AFL-CIO-Affiliated Unions to Coordinate Protocol for Ebola Risk

October 18, 2014

As concerns mount around the Ebola risk, we want to provide you with a review of the IAM's involvement to protect the flying public and airline employees from possible exposure.

Both the IAM Flight and Ground Safety Committees have been directly involved with employers to discuss their preparedness plans, as well as current policies and procedures to not only protect the flying public, but the safety and health of airline workers.

This includes direct communication and participation in a number of Ebola-specific conference calls with medical departments, emergency preparedness directors and senior management. These discussions and conference calls are ongoing, as new information is available almost daily.

The IAM has expressed a number of concerns, and action is being taken to address those concerns. The IAM has also communicated with its Local Safety Committees, with additional information to be shared as it becomes available.

Yesterday, the IAM also took part in a conference call hosted by the AFL-CIO's Transportation Trades Department (TTD), along with representatives from Association of Flight Attendants (AFA), Transport Workers Union (TWU), Airline Pilots Association (ALPA), Professional Aviation Safety Specialist (PASS) National Air Traffic Controllers Association and various representatives from other aviation industry unions to discuss the Ebola crisis.

It was agreed that a protocol needs to be in place with the various workgroups for their airlines. Personal protective equipment (PPE) along with effective policies and procedures need to be provided to the various work groups on a consistent basis.

Crewmembers need a protocol in place to properly handle a passenger with a contagious disease along with appropriate protections.

Currently the travel ban for passengers from the infected countries in Africa is being considered. Also, an Ebola Czar has been named by the Administration. The TTD will be arranging a meeting with the newly appointed Czar to discuss issues of concern to frontline airline employees, both customer contact and non-customer contact alike.

Also discussed were aircraft cleaning procedures. Specifically, a clearly defined procedure to deal with sick passengers who vomit. An effective blood borne pathogen-cleaning procedure should be in place for all workers.

The IAM will continue to monitor and work towards the safety of all airline workers, being a proactive participant to ensure that employers protect their employees from exposure to all blood borne viruses and hazards, including Ebola.

Helpful links:


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Rich Delaney, 10 October 2014: download

maintenance instructorsMembers of the Fleet Technical Instructors/Ground School Instructors and Related Negotiating Team, along with District Lodge 141 and International Transportation Department representatives have reached a tentative agreement with United Airlines. This Agreement brings together the Instructors classifications of both legacy United Airlines and legacy Continental Airlines into a single contract. The 165 members of this group provide skilled instruction and support for United’s Flight Training Centers in areas of Flight Crew and Emergency Procedures training and the development of the necessary training programs needed to accomplish this critical instruction.

The 4 year Agreement provides for immediate wage and benefit improvements, retroactive/signing bonus payments, increased employment security for all classifications and increased pension benefits.

The IAM is proud of the work the Negotiating Team has done in order to complete the difficult task of bringing their full group together. We also recognize the willingness of United’s Negotiating Team to work through the difficult issues that have led to this Agreement. This Agreement is the 5th joint agreement reached between United Airlines and District Lodge 141 that has brought the legacy carriers’ employees into single contracts since the merger of Continental and United in 2010.

This Agreement is subject to membership review and ratification. More details of the Agreement and information regarding the ratification process will be posted as quickly as possible.

Final Payment

District 141 members, employed by United Airlines in the Fleet Service, Public Contact, and Stores classifications, have begun receiving the payments representing the full and final distribution of monies owed to them through the signing bonus agreement included in our current contract.

In addition, members that have been determined to be eligible for irregular lunch payment, as a result of grievances filed after November 1, 2013, will receive that amount, included in the special check.

When researching and finalizing outstanding grievances and appeals to the initial and supplemental payment of the signing bonus it was determined that an additional amount of money committed to this payment remained. As with the previous distributions, this payment is based on a fixed amount of money per year and calculated by Company Seniority to a maximum of 20 years. Work status – full time/part time – also is used to determine each individual amount.

When these payments were negotiated, District 141 committed that every available dollar would be distributed among our membership. Even though this current amount is relatively small it is the members’ money and has now been paid in full. The fixed amount per year of service has been calculated at $1.54 for Full Time members and $.77 for Part Time members. Members that had combined service in both work status’ between April 2013 and November 2013 will receive an adjusted amount.

If members have questions regarding this payment they are asked to contact the Local Committee or Assistant General Chair for explanation.

DL141 Updates:

16 September 2014:

American Airlines has informed District 141 of their intent to insource ground handling work in BDL, BWI, EWR, FLL, JAX, PBI, PDX, and the legacy AA mainline work in PIT. This work, currently being performed by vendors, will be assigned to IAM represented employees as early as October 27th with the last work insourced in early December.

In addition, current legacy US Airways work in STL, SJU, and AUS will be insourced to TWU represented employees in those stations. Read More

15 September 2014:

United Airlines Maintenance Instructors voted to ratify their new agreement today in significant numbers. Read More

Download: TA

15 September 2014:

Reminder for Delegates to DL141 Convention:

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20 August 2014: Download

IAM USAirways Fleet Service Negotiating Committee Members and Grand Lodge Representatives Official Contract Signing in DFW today August 20, 2014. Read More

06 August 2014: Download

IAM, TWU Alliance moves forward with American Airlines Single Carrier Filing:

In a move that will lead to joint contract negotiations for more than 30,000 members of the International Association of Machinists and Aerospace Workers (IAM) and Transport Workers Union (TWU), the two unions today jointly petitioned the National Mediation Board (NMB) asking it declare that post-merger American Airlines and US Airways are now operating as a single transportation system for employees in the Mechanic & Related, Fleet Service and Stores classifications. Read More

Introduces Preferential Hiring Agreement

Read the full update:

Read All DL141 Updates:

United Airlines:

Rich Delaney, 10 October 2014:

Members of the Fleet Technical Instructors/Ground School Instructors and Related Negotiating Team, along with District Lodge 141 and International Transportation Department representatives have reached a tentative agreement with United Airlines. This Agreement brings together the Instructors classifications of both legacy United Airlines and legacy Continental Airlines into a single contract. The 165 members of this group provide skilled instruction and support for United’s Flight Training Centers in areas of Flight Crew and Emergency Procedures training and the development of the necessary training programs needed to accomplish this critical instruction.

15 September 2014:

United Airlines Maintenance Instructors voted to ratify their new agreement today in significant numbers.

Download: TA

28 August 2014:

Mr Smisek continues to get attention from Congress.


28 August 2014: Mr Smisek receives another letter from members of Congress concerned with United Airlines treatment of BOS employees.

05 August 2014: United Airlines' Outsourcing Jobs to Company That Pays Near Poverty Wages Is Shameful

The letter to Mr. Smisek from U.S. Sen. Tom Harkin (D-IA) and Reps. Bruce Braley (D-IA) and Dave Loebsack (D-IA) call on the United chief executive to provide them with a comparison of wages and benefits for IAM-represented employees and the contract workers slated to replace them.

Airlines for America tell Congress that they "enhance job security, pay and benefits for airline employees." as they ask Congress for their tax breaks.

Only Unions have fought for workers job security, pay and benefits, Airlines Outsource at poverty wages at the first chance they get regardless of their profits or what they tell Congress. Actions speak louder than words.

US Airways Update:

16 September 2014:

American Airlines has informed District 141 of their intent to insource ground handling work in BDL, BWI, EWR, FLL, JAX, PBI, PDX, and the legacy AA mainline work in PIT. This work, currently being performed by vendors, will be assigned to IAM represented employees as early as October 27th with the last work insourced in early December.

In addition, current legacy US Airways work in STL, SJU, and AUS will be insourced to TWU represented employees in those stations. Read More

20 August 2014:

IAM USAirways Fleet Service Negotiating Committee Members and Grand Lodge Representatives Official Contract Signing in DFW today August 20, 2014.



US Airways Update: 6 August 2014

IAM, TWU Alliance moves forward with American Airlines Single Carrier Filing


06 August 2014 Filing

Preferential Hiring Agreement


Agreement Information:

TA Highlights | TA Wage Scale | TA Info Meeting Schedule | TA Term Sheet

Read more at the US Airways Page


US Airways TA Questions and Answers:

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Spirit Airlines:

Initial IAM/Spirit Airlines Meeting Held 23 September 2014:

On September 23, 2014 the first meeting between the Machinist Union and Spirit Airlines was held at the company’s headquarters in Miramar, Fl.

Visit Spirit Airlines IAM page

Welcome! Learn about your Union

Meet the Officers of DL141

Review the different departments within DL141

Review Member Services

Spirit Organizing Website

Produced by Communications Department of IAMAW District Lodge 141

Hawaiian Airlines:

The next schedule negotiations: The week of September 22, 2014.

Read more at the Hawaiian Airlines Page


NEWS: Did Mr. Smisek consider the added taxpayer cost with poverty wage contract workers?

In a letter to Smisek, U.S. Sen. Tom Harkin (D-IA) and Reps. Bruce Braley (D-IA) and Dave Loebsack (D-IA) call on the United chief executive to provide them with a comparison of wages and benefits for IAM-represented employees and the contract workers slated to replace them.

Holding Smisek AccountableHolding Smisek Accountable



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