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IAM Members at Hawaiian Airlines Ratify Contracts

IAM Districts 141 and 142 today announced that IAM members at Hawaiian Airlines overwhelmingly ratified recent tentative agreements covering approximately 2,200 Mechanic and Related, Clerical, Office, Stores, Fleet Service and Passenger Service Employees at the carrier.

The five year accords provide pay increases, enhanced job security, hold the line on health care costs and secures profit sharing and other incentive programs.

"I'd like to thank the members at Hawaiian Airlines and their negotiating committees for bargaining and approving agreements that they can be proud of," said General Vice President Sito Pantoja. "Both District Lodge 141 and 142 did a great job coordinating this round of bargaining, demonstrating the solidarity of all IAM members at Hawaiian Airlines."

IAM Districts 141 and 142 initiated contract negotiations with Hawaiian Airlines in December, 2013 and announced tentative agreements last month.

“We’d like to thank the members at Hawaiian Airlines for their patience, support and solidarity during this round of bargaining,” said District 141 and 142 Presidents Mike Klemm and Dave Supplee, respectively. “The negotiating committees did an outstanding job and all IAM members at Hawaiian Airlines can be proud of these agreements.”


This is the contract language within the tentative agreement reached by the IAM with Hawaiian Airlines on December 8, 2015. Download (4.5mb; 179 pages)

IAM Reaches Tentative Agreement with Hawaiian Airlines

December 08, 2015: Download Hawaiian Bulletin

IAM Districts 141 and 142 today announced tentative agreements with Hawaiian Airlines that covers the carrier’s 2,200 Mechanic and Related, Clerical, Office, Stores, Fleet and Passenger Service employees.

“These agreements provide our members the wages and benefits they deserve,” said Mike Klemm and David Supplee, Presidents of IAM Districts 141 and 142, respectively. Both went on to thank the negotiating committees for the long hours and the commitment on behalf of the membership.

The IAM negotiating committees unanimously recommend membership ratification.
The proposed five-year contract provides pay raises retroactively from October 1, 2015, enhances job security, holds the line on health care costs for employees, and secures profit sharing and incentive programs.

Negotiations between IAM and Hawaiian Airlines have been ongoing since December 2013. “Now the membership can be proud to share in the success of this growing Airline with Collective Bargaining Agreements that rewards their hard work,” continued Klemm and Supplee.

Finalized full-text language and a ratification schedule will be available soon on the District 141 and District 142 websites.

Clerical and Related Highlights

• Establish Classification of Customer Service Agent-Language Qualified with a premium of $1.00 per hour
• Establish New Classification of Central Reservations Control Agent
• Commitment to enter into negotiations 12 months prior to amendable date
• Chief Agents in Customer Service and Cargo move from Pay Group 3 to Pay Group 2. Includes testing language for new vacancies only
• Ramp Service moves from Pay Group 6 to Pay Group 5. Language to allow Line Service to assist Ramp with specific job functions only
• Add Grandchildren to Bereavement Leave
• Improved lunch period compensation
• Removal of sick leave accrual penalty
• Establish a replacement procedure for worn/damaged uniforms
• Increase Company paid hours to be used for Grievance Committee, Union Safety and EAP Representative
• Improved language for employees transferring between classifications. Employees transferring to a lower classification will no longer start at bottom of pay scale
• Add Retiree Pass Travel to Week-end PT, Reserve PT and Contract Service
• Improved benefits for Mainland Customer Service- Retiree Pass Travel, OT and Holiday pay for Holidays worked, add Grandchildren to Bereavement Leave and payroll deduction for sponsored insurance plans
• Establish Longevity Pay of $.20 cents for all full-time employees after 20 years of service

Increase wages:

5% increase effective October 1, 2015
2% Date of Signing + 12 months
2% Date of Signing + 24 Months
3% Date of Signing +36 Months
3% Date of Shining +48 Months

Increase B scale wages:

Employees making $10.00 or less will receive $1.50 increase effective October 1, 2015
2% Date of Signing + 12 months
2% Date of Signing + 24 Months
3% Date of Signing +36 Months
3% Date of Shining +48 Months


No Change in Medical plans and contribution structure for year 2016
Retain current Medical Plans after 2016 with change from three tier structure to four tier structure.
Employee + Spouse
Employee + Child / Children
After 2016 Medical Plans remain the same and the following are changes to contribution:
20% contribution for Pre Existing Plans (Group 1 Plans) in current contract is reduced to 15%
1.5% and 2% monthly cap stays the same
Dollar Caps for the Pre Existing Plans (Group 1 Plans) are eliminated effective January 1, 2017
For the New Plans (Group 2 Plans) the Employee Monthly Contributions change to the following:
Year Employee Employee + Spouse Employee + Child / Children Family
2017 $15.00 $25.00 $25.00 $30.00
2018 $20.00 $30.00 $30.00 $35.00
2019 $25.00 $35.00 $35.00 $40.00

Employee will be required to pay $5.00 per month for Dental

Wage Increase effective October 1, 2015 for all hours worked
2015 Profit Sharing will be paid in March 2016 using W-2 Wages for the months of August, September, October, November and December of 2015
Incentive Program Payout will also be paid in March 2016 using W-2 Wages for the months of August, September, October, November and December of 2015. This payment has a target payout of 1%, but has a range for the Clerical and Related of (0% - 2%). Once this percentage is determined employees covered under this agreement will receive three time (3x) that percentage. If payout is 1% then employees will get 3% calculated using the 5 months W-2 as described above. Download


DL141 Update, 02 November 2015: Download

Negotiations Update

In an effort to bring negotiations to a successful conclusion the Negotiating Committees of IAM District 141 Clerical, Fleet Service, and Customer Service Agents Joined forces with the IAM District 142 Mechanic and Related groups.

Our combined efforts (at times late into the night and on weekends) made real advances toward reaching fair and equitable agreements for both groups. Unfortunately, there remain a couple of significant issues that must be resolved before agreements can be finalized.

Your support is more important now than ever before. PLEASE don’t listen to the rumor mill. If you have questions or concerns contact a member of the negotiating committees and check the official bulletins posted on Union boards. Also, let your local management know that we all should share in the company’s record profits.

Future negotiations are set for November 22 and 23, 2015 in Las Vegas, Nevada.


In Solidarity,

Joint Negotiating Committee


DL141 Update, 28 September 2015: Download


Negotiations Update

The Negotiating Committee met with the Company the first week of September. Prior to the session beginning, the Company expressed to the Union their desire to resolve the issues as quickly as possible and to reach an Agreement. We informed the Company that we are committed to reaching a tentative agreement as quickly as possible, but the Agreement must contain what our members need.

We have resolved almost all of the non-economic issues and are now moving into the economic issues. The Company has informed us that their economic proposal has no retro pay, no profit sharing, no signing bonuses and increases in medical costs. This proposal alone falls way short of what you need and deserve. It is through your hard work and dedication that HA has turned from bankruptcy to record profitability.

District Lodge 141 and the Negotiating Committee remain committed to securing the Agreement that the members deserve, one that reflects the dedication and efforts that have made Hawaiian Airlines successful.

Your Negotiating Committee needs your continued support and solidarity now more than ever. It is crucial that you demand RESPECT and better pay, benefits and work rules from the airline that you have made successful.

Our next session is scheduled for the week of Oct. 19-23.


Rich Delaney, 25 June 2015: Download

Hawaiian Airlines members of District Lodge 141 received an unsolicited communication yesterday from EVO/COO Sean Menke regarding our ongoing negotiations with Hawaiian Airlines. Mr. Menke noted in his letter to employees that it was appropriate for union leaders to communicate the status of negotiations but then addressed the negotiations from the company’s point of view. Those members that read Mr. Menke’s letter can now understand why negotiations take so long. The areas of work rules, wages and benefits, and bonuses are indeed important areas of concern. However, the company’s demands versus the members’ expectations regarding these critical issues are preventing us from reaching an agreement that could be considered for ratification.

It is puzzling to read Mr. Menke’s explanation of the last 4 years. He appears to be saying that he believes Hawaiian was a better airline when it was in bankruptcy. He seems to be complaining that Hawaiian, along with other carriers, are experiencing a period of low fuel costs and record profits. He seems to be saying that the fact that Hawaiian has nearly doubled their profit margin since 2009 is actually a bad thing. We don’t believe that and we don’t believe our members do either. Profitability and a stable industry should lead to improved work lives for all employees, and District 141 members in particular.

It is hard to see a pathway to a settlement based on Mr. Menke’s letter. The company’s stated goals of reducing employment security through changes in work rules, attacking the lifestyles of our members through threats of dramatic changes to health insurance, dental insurance, wages, and retirement benefits, and holding contracts hostage over bonus payments the employees earned through their hard work do not lead to agreements – they prevent agreements.

It is instructive that Mr. Menke has outlined what is important to Hawaiian Airlines. It is important for District 141 members to know that we do not agree with him. We do not agree that other airlines’ insurance programs should be used for comparisons but not their wage rates. We do not agree that bonus payments are withheld from Hawaiian employees by management that richly rewards themselves. The company’s explanation of denial of profit sharing payments makes no sense. Profit is based on the work that employees performed in the past; contract provisions deal with future wage rates and benefit levels. The two are not connected. Until these fundamental disagreements are resolved the hope of a fully completed, collectively bargained, agreement will not be realized.

Rich Delaney, 21 May 2015: Download

The District 141 Negotiating Team met with Hawaiian Airlines' representatives this past week to continue discussing the essential topics that must be resolved in order to reach a tentative agreement that can be presented to our members for ratification.

The focus of this week's discussions was to receive detailed information from the Company to understand the intent and purpose of the comprehensive package they had presented to us during our last session. We received detailed information regarding the benefits provided to our members through our contract. This information is now being evaluated by our benefits analysts to determine the current costs and the value of improvements to the benefit programs in the future.

Presentations were given by Vice President Customer Service, Louis Saint Cyr regarding current operational issues and the plans for expansion in the near future and how that effects our contract, and Vice President Network Planning and Revenue Management, Brent Overbeek, explaining the impact of technological changes within the Company that effect our members' daily work and future developments.

In addition to the face-to-face negotiations with the Company, our team met with members of the District 142 Negotiating Team to share information regarding the status of their separate negotiations with Hawaiian Airlines. While the contract negotiations on behalf of members covered by the Red Book are conducted at different times, with different negotiators, than the Brown Book negotiations, there are some similar issues that are being discussed in both meetings that will benefit both groups if they are commonly understood.

Negotiations will resume in mid-June. Both the Company and the Union are trying to accommodate the limited schedule of the assigned federal Mediator, Patricia Sims, to attend these negotiations in the near future to lend her expertise to bringing these negotiations to a successful conclusion which will provide our members with a fair and progressive agreement that addresses their need for improved wages, benefits, and security.

We thank the membership for the continuing support and solidarity you have given our team as we work through the issues you have told us are important to you.


Rich Delaney, 20 April 2015: Download

United Airlines:

District 141 met with United Airlines representatives this past week engaging in Continuous Bargaining. The concept of continuous bargaining is unique to our contracts with United. The idea of this type of formal discussion over contract provisions, during the life of an Agreement, started in the negotiations that led to our current contract. The concern of both parties was that due to the scope of the negotiations - bringing 3 airlines and multiple work groups into single contracts - some issues may need additional discussion. Neither the Union nor the Company wanted disagreements over intent of language or the implementation of contract provisions to go unaddressed until the next round of Railway Labor Act directed negotiations in 2016. The idea is to meet and talk through problem areas of the contracts and try to fix the issue in a more immediate time frame instead of delaying until the next round of negotiations or waiting for an arbitrator's decision.

The discussions focused on issues that have caused members to either file grievances or protest to both management and Union representatives regarding the application of contract language. We approach the issue from the point of intent and discussion of the initial negotiations. Continuous bargaining does not try to "renegotiate" language from a new position - it tries to make sure that the contract language members voted on in 2013 is applied in the way it was agreed to and that both sides commit to following the contracts the way they were negotiated.

By approaching issues in that way we were able to resolve several things. Vacation bidding and scheduling of available weeks; an employee's ability to carry over unused vacation into the following year and the proper payout/scheduling of those vacation days; the correct formula for calculating accrual of vacation for members moving between full time and part time status and the correct payment of that accrued vacation during the year; the proper application of deferred holidays and the correct payment of sick time on those days; the ability of members to schedule at least 9 days of vacation if they choose;  the filling of Move Team vacancies; the correct calculation of the 40 hour qualification for overtime and the proper payment of worked overtime.

The most significant discussions concerned the language of the Full Time Commitment Letter of Agreement. This LOA was agreed to in order to maximize the employment of full time employees and more efficiently schedule necessary part time employees. District 141 and United have been working on this issue since the ratification of the current agreement on a station by station basis with some success - most notably EWR where 40 RSM were recently recalled to full time status. District 141 and United worked this past week to jointly streamline the use of the Full Time Commitment Letter by using both a computer generated manpower model and (most importantly) local input from Committees and Station Management to get the right mix of full time and part time employees. Both sides recognize that the parameters of a computer program scheduling process is only one part of a workable system and local knowledge of work areas, operational needs, and seniority must be part of the conversation to really maximize the use of full timers which will then set the level of part time employees at the correct amount. As a result of these discussions last week additional stations have been prioritized, starting with Hubs and moving to all other stations. District 141 Vice President Mike Cyscon has begun meeting with Committees and station management in several locations to show them how to review manpower plans. As United's Resource Planning team finishes their work on the new scheduling program they will join these station discussions.

Other issues were discussed by not fully agreed to and will need more conversation. Trade policy restrictions, defined qualifications for Specialty positions and work areas, and expanding the ability to defer Holidays are subjects that will be discussed in the scheduled bargaining sessions in May.

This week District 141 will meet with United to review the System Option declarations and awards for members affected by the contracting out of work in 16 stations to insure members' contractual rights and seniority rights are correctly applied.

Hawaiian Airlines:

Members of the Hawaiian Airlines Negotiating Team met with the company this past week to continue discussions. The issues now being discussed all of cost to the company - wages, benefits, part time usage, profit sharing, and others. Hawaiian Airlines is currently researching both the cost of each item and the overall increase in cost a full contract would generate. While there is still much to be negotiated on these, and other, proposals, we expect the scheduled negotiating sessions in May will show us how close or far apart we are in the areas critical to reaching a fair and progressive agreement.

US Airways:

The best news of the week was the announced determination by the National Mediation Board regarding the joint IAM/TWU Alliance request for a Single Carrier Status for American Airlines employees. The decision of the NMB to grant the Single Carrier Status begins the process we have been working towards for months - the negotiation of a Joint Collective Bargaining Agreement that will protect both Legacy USAir and Legacy American Airlines workers, especially the Fleet Service members of District Lodge 141. The final determination by the NMB will take an additional few days due to their requirement of providing that much time to other unions that may want to intervene in the granting of representation rights to the Alliance. Any third party Union that seeks to call for a representation election among the LUS and LAA members are required to demonstrate a minimum 50% show of interest of the combined groups. Once that time period is over both Unions will move promptly towards the start of negotiations. Much work has already been done by the 2 Internationals to prepare for the success of the Alliance and more formal work by representatives of the IAM and TWU can soon be scheduled.

Part of the delay in the initial determination by the NMB was their need to investigate and rule on several challenges the airline raised as to which employees should be considered covers by a Single Carrier decision - their hope was that several work groups that had mixed representation (both Union and non-Union employees doing the same work) would be determined to be non-Union and excluded from future contracts. The NMB, after investigating and getting the Unions' responses to each work groups' right to representation, ruled in every case in favor of Union representation. This not only keeps all IAM members within our Agreements but also expands representation to workers that did not have it.   


negotiations update

Hawaiian Airlines Negotiation Update, 15 February 2015:

District 141 members covered by the Hawaiian Airlines – Clerical Agreement are receiving letters from CEO Dunkerley informing them that although they worked as hard, or harder, than every other Hawaiian employee they are not considered eligible to share in the profit distribution of 2015. By choosing which employees will be given payments and which employees will be denied payments, the company cannot truthfully call this money “shared” profit.The reason given is that contract negotiations have not been completed and therefore bonus payments are being withheld.

Hawaiian Airlines has maintained that since an amendable agreement was not fully in place at the beginning of 2014, members were never considered eligible for the Profit Sharing bonus payment. The company treats the bonus payment as a hostage in negotiations – withholding the payment unless the Union settles the contract within a set timeframe, instead of settling based on the issues and proposals members have indicated are important and necessary. Our Negotiating Team has focused on the members’ issues.

Negotiations have been ongoing for all of 2014. During that time the company has deflected and put off any meaningful discussions of the economic subjects that need to be addressed before an agreement can be reached. By their responses and reactions to our proposals they have prevented us from reaching the agreement our members are entitled to and have caused the delay in bonus payments.

This decision by Hawaiian is going to have a serious impact on our negotiations. It is not acceptable to the IAM and we will address it at each and every session of negotiations. Our members are entitled to proper compensation for the work they do on behalf of Hawaiian Airlines. Our Negotiating Team is committed to reaching a fair and progressive agreement with Hawaiian as soon as possible that recognizes the work our members have done, are doing, and will do in the coming years.

Hawaiian Airlines Negotiation Update, 18 November 2014:

Hawaiian Airlines and the IAM continue to make significant progress on language issues. The Company also presented Financial Information as we move forward into economic issues. The next topics will be the most difficult and National Mediation Board, Senior Mediator, Patricia Simms will be rejoining negotiations in January to help facilitate. The next negotiations are set for the week of December 15-19.


Update: 01 July 2014:

IAMAW - District Lodge 141 and Hawaiian Airlines met June 23, 24 and 25. The negotiations were strained but productive. Interest Based Bargaining requires you to address difficult issues for both the Company and the Union. The IAM Negotiating Team performed well under very stressful negotiations on Contract Enforcement, Classification of Work and Job Security.

The Company and the Union agreed to work between negotiating meetings to help speed up the process. The next schedule negotiations are set for the weeks of July 21 and August 18, 2014.

Rich Delaney, 10 May 2014: Download

Hawaiian Airlines

Hawaiian Airlines negotiating team is planning on meeting this coming week to continue their talks. Our members on HA are facing the same critical issues members at USAir and United have had to address in negotiations – the encroachment of regional carriers that threaten their security. O’hana by Hawaiian is small inter island feeder carrier. The real fear is Hawaiian will expand its service into the stations our members currently work and needs special attention during negotiations.

Organizing - Spirit, Jet Blue, Virgin American

The success of these campaigns relies on current IAM members talking with unorganized workers and telling them the benefit of belonging to a union. If you work in a station that has a Jet Blue, Spirit or Virgin America operation and know their ground operations employees please take a minute and talk to them about what a contract means.
Please forward all contacts to District 141 Organizing Director, Joe Stassi @ 407-509-9499


IAM - HAL – Negotiation Bulletin: February 2014

District Lodge 141 and Hawaiian Airlines resumed negotiations with the National Mediation Board last week. The Company and Union negotiators made progress with the Interest Based Bargaining program and seven new sub committee’s were created to work on issues that the members submitted in their contract surveys. The next HAL – IAM negotiations are set for the week of March 17, 2014.

The IAM Negotiating Team started Station and work area visits and we will continue this through negotiations. We will make every attempt to visit a different location every time the Company and the Union meets. The members asked many questions on negotiations and how will they vote on the agreement. If you go to the iam141.org web site and review the United Contract website, you will see the complete transparency of the contract ratification process.

District Lodge 141 Educator will be assigned to sit in on negotiation in March to help develop new Shop Steward training for Hawaiian Airline members once negotiations are finished.

In Solidarity,


David E. Atkinson                                                                 
IAM, District Lodge 141

IAM - HAL – Negotiation Bulletin: 26 December 2013

On December 16 through 20, 2013 the National Mediation Board presented “Facilitated Problem Solving Training” with Hawaiian Airlines Management and the IAM Negotiating Teams in attendance.  The class was a learning experience on how to create win-win solutions that work for everyone. We also found issues that are more complex and emotional, that will take more work and time to resolve. The process was successful and both groups agreed to resume negotiations on January 21, 22, 23 and the week of February 10, 2014.




IAM - HAL – Negotiation Bulletin: 10 November 2013

IAM District Lodge 141 and 142 Joint Negotiation Preparation

Sunday through Thursday this week the Negotiation Preparation started with Hawaiian Airlines Negotiating Teams at District Lodge 141 and 142.  

We would like to thank President Brian Simonson and the members of Local Lodge
1979 – HNL for hosting the joint Training Class.

We would like to give special thanks to the Director of the IAM, William W. Winpisinger Education and Technology Center, Chris Wagoner. Chris prepared and presented the Negotiation Preparation Class, IAM Deputy General Counsel, Carla Siegel for Tele Conferencing her presentation on the Railroad Labor Act and Collective Bargaining, IAM Strategic Resources, Peter Greenberg for Tele Conferencing Bargaining Survey and Bargaining Strategies, IAMAW Airline Coordinator Ira Levy for his over view of the entire negotiating process.

The training session opened with Chris Wagoner and Ira Levy giving opening Statements. The training reviewed team dynamics, power analysis, legal, health care, pension, communication, committee planning, contract costing, language drafting, just to name a few, there was also break out sessions to focus on both District 141 and 142 issues.

The week of December 16, 2013 the National Mediation Board will be presenting Interest Based Bargaining program designed by the Mediation Board to the IAM and HAL Negotiating Teams. This process was used at United Airlines, and contracts were just ratified for 31,000 IAM members. Negotiations will open for District 141 immediately after the training.



Dave Atkinson
I.A.M.A.W. District Lodge 141

IAM – HAL Negotiating Team

Your thoughts are welcome on the Hawaiian Airlines Survey

Members of District 141 employed by Hawaiian Airlines are requested to participate in the new Membership/Contract Proposal survey now available on the District 141 website.

We encourage you to take a few minutes and share your opinions regarding the important issues in our contract, as we begin the process to shape our proposals for the future negotiations. The survey will run 12 October - 02 November, 2013.

We thank you for your participation and look forward to receiving your opinions and reading your comments regarding your contract.

Begin Hawaiian Airlines survey now


Download IAM Contract with Hawaiian Airlines Members in Hawaiian Airlines Clerical, Office, Stores, Fleet, and Passenger Service, effective on January 1, 2010, and amendable on December 31, 2013.

Ground Safety Improvement Program(GSIP)

Download Hawaiian Airlines and the IAM DL141 are voluntarily implementing this GSIP for ground personnel which is intended to improve safety through self-reporting, cooperative follow-up, and appropriate corrective action. This Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) describes the provisions of the program.


Local 1979 Officers

Members look on as Local Lodge officers at Local 1979 are sworn in by Dave Atkinson, District 141 Secretary-Treasurer, on January 11, 2010, at Union Hall, 1934 Hau Street in Honolulu, Hawaii. Local 1979 executive board officers serve three year terms, commencing on the first day of January.

photo, left to right — Richard Kaneko, Trustee; Randy Bengay, Trustee; Marshall Lum, Trustee; Dave Figueira, Conductor Sentinel; John Burwinkel, Recording Secretary; Brian Simonson, President; Jerry Liu, Secretary Treasurer

Kanekop, Bengay, Lum, Figueira, Burwinkel, Simonson, and Lui are all returning officers. Not pictured is Rudy Lacadan, Local 1979’s newly elected Vice President.