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Constitution and Bylaws

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District Lodge 141 Bylaws, effective 08-01-13 (download)

District Lodge 141 Bylaws changes that were voted on by the membership have been approved by the Grand Lodge, as required by our Bylaws, Article XII - Amendments and Referendums. The changes that have gone into effect 08-01-13 are underlined below to help the membership become familiar with the changes.

Article VIII - District Officers Qualifications and Election, Section 6. (c)

(c) After receipt of said circular, and at least thirty (30) days prior to the first regular meeting in the month of February, notice of nominations and election shall be served upon the membership by mail. Such notice shall inform District Lodge members that if they are unable to attend the nomination meeting due to work schedule they may submit their request to place a name in nomination in writing by mail to their Local Lodge Recording Secretary prior to the first regular meeting in the month of February. Local Lodges shall have the right in the first regular meeting in the month of February, by a plurality vote of those voting to make one (1) nomination each for the offices for which elections are to be held. In addition to voting on nominations at the first regular meeting in the month of February, Local Lodges shall accommodate members working all shifts by arranging for voting during at least one other time to ensure that the members are afforded a reasonable opportunity to participate in any vote on the Local Lodge nomination for each office to be elected. If necessary, runoff election for Local Lodge nominations shall be held at the first regular meeting in the month of March.

Local Lodges

Members of District 141 belong to a local lodge located within miles of where they work. Local Lodge Directory

At the IAM, democratically elected lodge officers, and a strong system of local lodges, assure you of swift and local contract enforcement by members of your own work classification.

The same is true in contract negotiations. At the IAM, officials that you elect from your own work group negotiate contracts.


Only at the world’s largest airline union do you have a say in who negotiates for you, and who protects you on the job.

The world’s largest airline union is made up of a democratic system of local, district, and international lodges. Collectively, those lodges assure enforcement of your contract. After all, a contract with haphazard enforcement is barely more than a piece of paper.