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GSAP — Ground Operations Safety Action Program

GSAP Report | File a GSAP report immediately if you think you have violated a Federal Aviation Regulation (FAR), have been involved in / witnessed a safety related event or have identified a safety related concern. District 141 endorses GSAP because GSAP is a process for corrective action rather than punishment. United SkyNet sign-in required. With the updated name, GSAP enhancements include: access from home or at work, does not time out while filling in your GSAP. For complete details see Learning Network: ao-gsap-01.

July 21, 2015

IAM Wins $1 Million Grant for Hazardous Material Training

Fourteen new IAM CREST Associate Instructors from Districts 141 and 142 completed a train-the-trainer program on transporting dangerous goods in the airline industry.

CREST Training

Approximately 6,300 TCU-IAM airline and railroad workers will receive training in transporting hazardous materials thanks to a nearly $1 million grant from the U.S. Department of Transportation. The grant also includes training for TWU airline workers.

The grant is the largest ever for IAM CREST, the Corporation for Reemployment and Safety Training, and will teach 90 members how to train thousands more workers on the hazards of storing, shipping, loading and unloading dangerous goods in the airline and railroad industries.

IAM members should contact their Local or District Safety and Health Committees to be considered to become trainers.

“The health and safety of our members is always paramount,” said IAM Safety and Health Director Jim Reid. “It’s incumbent upon us and employers to make sure our members have the proper training to go to work and return home safely every day. This grant will help us work to achieve that.”

Since 2008, IAM CREST has been the beneficiary of a DOT Pipeline Hazardous Material Safety Administration grant to provide airline workers with training from IAM CREST instructors. In 2014, the grant was expanded to include railroad workers. The latest grant supports existing training through employers not in duplication of those efforts.

Ebola Update:

October 28, 2014

Joint Air Transport Safety Committee

Concerns centered on Ebola are very much on our minds, especially as we work with the traveling public and provide cleaning and maintenance on our aircraft. Members of the IAM Joint Air Transport Safety Committee have been very involved in these issues that concern the varied jobs that our members perform, both in the air and on the ground.

To read the complete update, Click Here:

Initial Safety Steps:

As this crisis continues to unfold we will likely learn more about this deadly virus and how to effectively protect ourselves, but there are some basic precautions that you should take:

Your employer has probably provided bulletins and other alerts concerning the Ebola outbreak. The CDC (Center for Disease Control), OSHA (Occupational Safety and Health Administration) and WHO (World Health Organization) all have a lot of current info on the Ebola virus as well.

Take a few moments to review:
Here are a couple of publications that you might find helpful:
Please continue to reach out to your District Ground or Flight Safety Committee or the JATSC if you have questions.
Have a safe and healthful day,

IAM and AFL-CIO-Affiliated Unions to Coordinate Protocol for Ebola Risk

October 18, 2014

As concerns mount around the Ebola risk, we want to provide you with a review of the IAM's involvement to protect the flying public and airline employees from possible exposure.

Both the IAM Flight and Ground Safety Committees have been directly involved with employers to discuss their preparedness plans, as well as current policies and procedures to not only protect the flying public, but the safety and health of airline workers.

This includes direct communication and participation in a number of Ebola-specific conference calls with medical departments, emergency preparedness directors and senior management. These discussions and conference calls are ongoing, as new information is available almost daily.

The IAM has expressed a number of concerns, and action is being taken to address those concerns. The IAM has also communicated with its Local Safety Committees, with additional information to be shared as it becomes available.

Yesterday, the IAM also took part in a conference call hosted by the AFL-CIO's Transportation Trades Department (TTD), along with representatives from Association of Flight Attendants (AFA), Transport Workers Union (TWU), Airline Pilots Association (ALPA), Professional Aviation Safety Specialist (PASS) National Air Traffic Controllers Association and various representatives from other aviation industry unions to discuss the Ebola crisis.

It was agreed that a protocol needs to be in place with the various workgroups for their airlines. Personal protective equipment (PPE) along with effective policies and procedures need to be provided to the various work groups on a consistent basis.

Crewmembers need a protocol in place to properly handle a passenger with a contagious disease along with appropriate protections.

Currently the travel ban for passengers from the infected countries in Africa is being considered. Also, an Ebola Czar has been named by the Administration. The TTD will be arranging a meeting with the newly appointed Czar to discuss issues of concern to frontline airline employees, both customer contact and non-customer contact alike.

Also discussed were aircraft cleaning procedures. Specifically, a clearly defined procedure to deal with sick passengers who vomit. An effective blood borne pathogen-cleaning procedure should be in place for all workers.

The IAM will continue to monitor and work towards the safety of all airline workers, being a proactive participant to ensure that employers protect their employees from exposure to all blood borne viruses and hazards, including Ebola.

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Safety — Train The Trainer

Just last year, twelve members from IAM District Lodge 141, ten from Local Lodge 1487 Chicago O’Hare and two from Local Lodge 1351 Seattle working at United Airlines, completed the Pipeline and Hazardous Materials 40-Hour Hazardous Material Instructor Train-The-Trainer Course held at Local Lodge 1487 located in Chicago, Illinois.

The Train-The-Trainer course was developed by IAM CREST in cooperation with IAM IAM District Lodge 141 and United Airlines specifically to enhance the required dangerous goods training provided by United Airlines.  After successfully completing the course these IAM CREST DOT Associate Instructors will be authorized to deliver Pipeline and Hazardous Materials Awareness Training Course to workers who handle dangerous goods by air.

Training of DOT HMAT Associate Instructors and workers who handle hazardous materials is funded under a grant by the DOT Pipeline and Hazardous Material Safety Administration.

I.A.M. C.R.E.S.T. Airlines Grant Liaison: Stephen Rice

IAM CREST Staff:  Michael Hinthorn, Joe Abshire and Teri McClendon

IAM District 141 and Local Lodge 1487 Site Coordinator:  Douglas Williams

Safety Links

141 Safety Committee

The Ground and Flight Safety committee, led by Erik Stenberg, contact info, deals with working safely equipment on the ramp, in stores, customer service and reservations, and with working safely with aircraft equipment.

Erik - Ground SafetyDistrict 141 Safety Director

Erik Stenberg

District 141 Ground and Flight Safety Director
Office: 847.640.2277
Cell: 224.387.6228
Fax: 847.640.2277

bill saloSafety – United Airlines

Bill Salo

District 141 Safety Director – United Airlines
Office: 847.640.2277
Fax: 847.640.2277

Tony D.Safety – US Airways

Ground and flight safety

Anthony D'Aloiso

District 141 Safety Director – US Airways
Cell 803-431-1962
Fax 847-640-2277


bob winnerSafety – Hawaiian Airlines

Ground and flight safety

Kaulana Pakele

District 141 Safety Director – Hawaiian Airlines