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All Tentative Agreements ratified


Voting Results - 16 April 2016 - Download and Post Update

Tentative Agreements - 04 April 2016 - Download and Post Update

Highlight Sheets:

p c e contract ramp stores maintenance instructors

Security Officers Fleet Technical Instructors clp highlights included in PSE highlights

Letters of Agreement: Lump Sum Payment

Complete Tentative Agreements:

Passenger Service | Fleet Service | Stores | Maintenance Instructors | Security Guards | Fleet Technical Instructors | CLP

06 April 2016: Tentative Agreement Q&A - Volume 1

07 April 2016: Tentative Agreement Q&A - Volume 2

12 April 2016: Tentative Agreement Q&A - Volume 3

Ratification Vote: Friday, April 15, 2016. 06:00am - 06:00pm

As Recording Secretaries and Committee people arrange for polling locations, they will be posted here. At-Home-Reservation agents don't necessarily live close to their local lodges, therefore, their ballots have already been mailed to them with instructions. All other work groups will vote at their local lodges.  

LL368 FLL:
At FLL Airport
Above the Wing Breakroom behind the Counter
LL511 IND:
At IND Airport
Airport Conference Room
LL561 MCI:
At MCI Airport
Conference Room, Mezzanine Level above Ticket Counter
LL811 IAH:
At Local Lodge 811
Atrium 2
15355 West Vantage Pkwy, Suite 175
Houston, TX 77032
LL845 LAS:
At LAS Airport
Conference Room
LL846 BWI:
At BWI Airport
CS Breakroom
LL914 EWR:
At Local Lodge 914 DoubleTree Hotel
128 Frontage Rd.
Newark, NJ 07114
LL949 STL:
At STL Airport
In the Supervisors Conference Room
LL1044 PIT:
At Local Lodge 1044
Carpenters Bld
650 Ridge Rd. Ste. 102
Pittsburg, PA 15205
LL1287 SLC:
At Local Lodge 1287
2261 S. Redwoord Ste 8
Salt Lake City, UT 84119
LL1322 LGA:
Courtyard - New York/LaGuardia Airport
9010 Grand Central Pkwy.
East Elmhurst, NY 11369
LL1351 SEA:
At Local Lodge 1351
The Shores
Bldg 19530 Intl Blvd, #103
Sea-Tac, WA 98168
LL1487 ORD:
At Local Lodge 1487
50 West Oakton St.
Des Plaines, IL 60018
LL1487 WHQ:
At Willis Tower
LL1726 BOS:
At Local Lodge 1726
830 Saratoga St.
East Boston, MA 02128
LL1731 CLE:
At Local Lodge 1731
669 Rocky River Dr,
Berea, OH 44017
LL1759 IAD:
Marriot Airport IAD
45020 Aviation Dr,
Sterling VA 20166
LL1759 DCA:
At DCA Airport
CG Conference Room
LL1776 PHL:
At Local Lodge 1776
251 Jansen Ave.
Essington, PA 19029
LL1781 SFO:
At Local Lodge 1781
1511 Rollins Road
Burlingame, CA 94010
LL1781 SJC:
At SJC Airport
Conference Room
LL1781 RNO:
At RNO airport
Ramp Ready Room
LL1782 SFO:
At Local Lodge 1782
1511 Rollins Road
Burlingame, CA 94010
LL1782 SJC:
At SJC Airport
Conference Room
LL1782 RNO:
At RNO Airport
Ramp Ready Room
LL1782 SMF:
At SMF Airport
Conference Room
LL1883 MSP:
At Local Lodge 1883
7851 Metro Pkway, Room 280,
Bloomington, MN 53425
LL1885 PDX:
At PDX Airport
LL1886 DEN:
At Local Lodge 1886
5621 Bowen Ct.
Commerce City CO 80022
LL1886 BIL:
At BIL Airport
Conference Room by the TSA Checkpoint
LL1932 LAX:
At Local Lodge 1932
12109 Hawthorne Blvd.
Hawthorne, CA 90250
LL1932 SNA:
At SNA Airport
LL1979 HNL:
At Hawaii Support Facility
Reseravtion Building classroom 1.
LL1979 LIH:
At LIH Airport
LL1979 OGG:
At OGG Airport
LL1979 KOA:
At KOA Airport
LL2198 IAH:
At Local Lodge 811
Atrium 2
15355 West Vantage Pkway, Suite 175
Houston, TX 77032
LL2198 MSY:
At MSY Airport
United Conference Room - Lower Level
LL2210 SAT:
At SAT Airport
UA Conference room by Ops
LL2210 AUS:
At AUS Airport
Airport Offices
LL2319 RSW:
At RSW Airport
Admin Offices
LL2319 TPA:
At TPA Airport
Lobby CS Training Room
LL2339 GUM:
At GUM Airport
Airport Conference Room
LL2444 RDU:
At RDU Airport
Conference Room
LL2508 MCO:
At MCO Airport
Lobby CS Breakroom
LL2559 PHX:
At PHX Airport
Behind the ticket counter
LL2665 ATL:
At ATL Airport
LL2725 SJU:
At SJU Airport
UAL Conference Room
LL2765 SAN:
At Local Lodge 2765
5150 Kearny Mesa Rd
San Diego, CA 92111
LL2909 TUL:
At TUL Airport
UA Breakroom
LL2909 DFW:
At DFW Airport
Old Training Room



09 March 2016: DL141 and UA Agree to Equal Pay for all Locations

06 November 2015: Announcement of United Negotiations and Job Security

Current Contracts

p c e contract ramp stores maintenance instructors

Security Officers Fleet Technical Instructors clp highlights


Agreement has not been reached yet for the following members.

Link is to the current contract

food service

*Existing contracts do not expire under the Railway Labor Act. Contracts become amendable through negotiations. Download the current contract for your United Airlines work group (pdf).

UAL Grievance Form




January 2015:

An updated Juniority List for Customer Service and for Ramp Service can be found on Skynet at: Departments - Human Relations - Labor Relations, move down for link to excel list.

Or: Click the link here. Sign onto Skynet is required.

fleet seniority passenger service seniority stores seniority


Original Javits Seniority Integration Lists can be found here: Click Here


15 January 2014: Javits Memo: Final Integrated Seniority Lists

26 November 2013: Seniority Integration Process: Corrections

IAM Seniority Integration Summary Chart and Cover Letter

Summary of how the different Seniority dates were determined by Joshua Javits.

"Neutral's Report and Recommendations" regarding Seniority Integration

Read the report completed by Joshua Javits, "Neutral's Report and Recommendations". This outlines the process of combining Seniority lists involving Fleet Service, Passenger Service, and Stores Employees of Pre-merger United Airlines, Mileage Plus, Continental Airlines, and
Continental Micronesia.

IAM National Pension Fund

Effective April 1, 2014: This past week District 141 and the Grand Lodge concluded discussions with the Trustees of the IAM National Pension Fund regarding the benefit level for s-United Airlines members. These members, and participants in the IAMNPF, will now, effective April 1, 2014, receive the benefit called for under Schedule B of the Plan. More info

IAM National Pension Fund Website: http://www.iamnpf.org

United Airlines Union Coalition:

18 July, 2014 United Airlines Union Coalition

Transition Resolution Board:

Letter of Agreement 1: Setting up Transition Resolution Board

For information on issues resolved by the Transition Resolution Board, please contact your AGC.

You may also get contract information from:

Contract Related

G S A P - Ground Safety Awareness Program.
File a GSAP report immediately if you think you have violated a Federal Aviation Regulation (FAR), have been involved in / witnessed a safety related event or have identified a safety related concern. District 141 endorses GSAP because GSAP is a process for corrective action rather than punishment. United SkyNet sign-in required.

Union Business


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