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RLA process and where are we at today


1. Have we been released and will fleet and mechanics be released together ?

At this time we have not been released. As far as if it will be fleet and mechanics or one or the other, we don't know yet, however both sides will be ready to support the other side fully if only one of us is granted a release.

2. When might we be released?

The NMB is in full control of this, it could come next week, or it could take a couple of months. Our best guess from conversations is that it is probably a month or two away. But again, the NMB controls this.

3. What happens if we are released?

If the NMB determines we are at an impasse and grants a release, they will immediately offer us a proffer ( offer ) to arbitrate for our contract. This is offered to the union and the company, and the union or the company ( only takes one ) usually turns this offer down. As soon as this is turned down a "30 day cooling off period begins".

4. What happens during the cooling off period?

Many things could happen, some things will definitely happen. The last offer from the company will be put out to the membership. This is not a t/a, but the last offer the company is making to the negotiating team. This must be presented to the membership because a strike vote will also take place, In order to take a strike vote, you must be voting down a offer. The membership would vote and set a strike date assuming that the last offer by the company is voted down. During this 30 day cooling period and before the strike date, usually intense negotiations take place with the company because you now have a date you can strike and cause the company harm. This is when most t/a,s are actually reached.This is also when the union intensifies taking our argument public, by info picketing, billboards, newspaper articles, and all media that we need to access. We make it known what our issues are, and that we have a date we can strike the company. If nothing happens during this time period, then at the end of the cooling off period, the company could impose its own contract on us, and we either accept it, or we go on strike. 

Prior to a 30 day cooling off period expiring,( usually toward the end ) in order to prevent a strike, the NMB could go the the President of the US, and request a PEB ( Presidential emergency board ) be formed. This is most likely to happen, but it isn't guaranteed. If a PEB is formed, then they investigate the issues and would request an additional 30 day cooling off period. During this time, they investigate, report their findings to the President, and they could recommend a contract. If this happens, then it will be put out to the membership for a vote, and another strike vote will take place at the same time. Wth another date set to strike, if this latest contract offer is voted down. After all that, before this date arrives, congress in order to prevent a strike and keep commerce flowing could impose a contract on us with no vote from the membership.

5. Do we want to be released?

Yes we do. Although the word "strike" can be a frightening word and we must all prepare ourselves for such an event, we must also get released because this is where all our leverage is against the company. Now that you can actually do harm to the company for not getting us a fair contract, it gives us leverage that we would never have otherwise. Take into account that both fleet and mechanics would have this threat, this brings about the leverage that we need to get the company to move. This is huge leverage if all of this happens, possibly making a PEB more likely to be formed. Either way, it gives us leverage that we could never have until being released.  

6. Is there a "strike fund " and how much is it?

The IAM does have a strike fund set up per the IAM constitution. If a strike were to happen, and it last for 3 weeks or more, after the 2nd week everyone will begin to receive 150.00 weekly from the IAM. You receive this only if you have participated in the things the union needs you to do. For instance, everyone would be assigned a picket time, and you must show for your time in order to get your check.

7. What comes next, and what should we be doing?

We wait!!! Something we don't want to hear, but something we all should be good at by now. We should also use this time to prepare ourselves the best we can for a strike in case it does come to that. Some things you might want to consider: call all of your creditors, whether that's your mortgage, car loans, credit cards, and explain to them your situation that you might have. Many, if not all of these people will work with you. Some will let you skip a payment. Others will let you just pay the interest for a month or two. You should be finding all of this out. Hopefully none of us will have to resort to this, and if we do, then hopefully it will be a short lived. We must take pride and stand up for a fair contract. If we don't get it now, then we will never get it, and we may as well just be employees "at will" and let the company impose whatever they want on us. Stay as informed as possible. Stay strong, and stay determined. We will get through this as a work group. We will be briefing break rooms this week to answer additional questions you may all have.


Merger News:

US Airways Update 27 November 2013: US Airways and American Press Release

Judge Lane approved the DOJ settlement this morning clearing the way for the merger. Attached is the joint American and US Airways press release discussing plans to close the merger on Monday, December 9, 2013.